In view of the fact that ethics and morality are the norms of
every descent society, and the bedrock on which wholesome, efficient
just and prosperous bureaucracy can be built upon, there is the need
to stress on the importance of efficiency in the civil service. There is
no gain saying the fact that effective, efficient, patriotic, and
committed public servants who should be accountable for their
stewardship are desirable for any nation to match forward.
However, it is of note that our civil servants have become
reckless and blatant. Our civil servants now bend the rules and are
involved in wide spectrum of acts such as accepting gratification,
concealing offences relating to corruption, fraudulent acquisition of
property, fraudulent receipt of property, deliberate frustration of
investigation, making false statements or returns, bribery of public.

officials, dealing with property acquired through gratification.
Also worthy of note among many civil servants include,
unethical behaviour such as refusal to proceed on transfer or accept
posting, habitual lateness to work, deliberate delay in treating official
document, unauthorized removal of public records immoral and unruly
behaviour, foul language, lethargy, apathy, laziness, rudeness to.

members of the public, malingering, presenting false sick certificates
in order to go and attend to private businesses and a host of other
deplorable attitudes. This is the area in which the civil service is in
need of immediate drastic attention.