Road Traffic Accidents are major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide,
especially in low-and middle-income countries. The World Health Organization estimates
that more than 3000 people are killed daily in road traffic accidents globally, with at least
30.000 others inured or disabled, This adds up to over 1 million people killed and between
20-50 million injured or crippled in road traffic crashes each year (Krug et al, 2000). The
rising trend in morbidity and mortality rates due to road traffic accidents in low-and middle-
income countries has moved some to declare road traffic accidents.
Road Traffic Accident (R.T.A) remains a dreadful world over. The trend has been on
decline in most develop countries, while the reverse is the case in the developing nation.
Road Traffic Accident (R.T.A) as well as other accidents is effect that happens very rapidly.
Furthermore, they are culmination of chain unpleasant can broken a potential accident
prevented among the most obvious present efforts to reduce the road traffic accident.
Those concerned followed a single focus approach. Engineers m ay think only of
improvements of vehicles or roads, training for drivers and pedestrians and laws
enforcement and licensing officials of control and punishment. All play importance roles, all
those agencies attempt to eradicate highway accidents. Sponsored organization such as
Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Highway Safety and research groups sponsored
by the automobile manufacturers association.
The technical review journal described Nigeria as the most dangerous country in
terms of road hazards, statistical analysis and the rate of data on road accident supplied by

the Nigeria Police has reinforced this stigma. In the United State of America, at least 54,000
death rate and 2 million injuries were recorded in 1970.
The resulted economics wasted was estimated at 13:6 million. A total of 18,749,
peoples were killed on Nigeria roads in the first decade after independence while 104,825
peoples were injured in the second decade i.e., 1997-1979, 57,136 peoples were killed and
209,089 injured while in the third decade from 1983,the injured or armed which brings the
total of 66 average causalities per day.
Road accident records within nearly 60-70% death rate in the country roads are
getting worst. Ignoring road warnings and danger signs to contribute to high rate of
accidents. With economic growth over the years. The numbers of vehicle on road grew
tremendously with increase in the rate of motor accidents from 1976.

The aim of this project is to access the analysis and management of road accident.
The objectives of this project are as follow
I. To study the causes of road accident and some possible solution to it
II. To collect the necessary traffic data on roads
III. To reduce the current high rate of road accident.

This study will be of great important as it will clarify the relevance of road (accident)
on the traffic. The researches on road accident will stimulate and reduce dangers and risks
by discovering new ideas and comfort desired by traveler and pedestrians on road. It will
also contribute to the economy stability and growth of the country which usually create fears

for drivers and road users. The study will also help the road users and the pedestrians in
enhancing a safe movement.

This study entails analysis and Management of Road Accident Records, investigation
in to the road accidents and its impact on travelers and lives generally, focusing on Ilorin –
Omu-aran roads. some data are to be collected and analysis for the government to find
remedy for the problem of roads and the hazards could be caused using Kwara as a case

The methods to be employed in this research project are as follows,
i. Collection of data/ information from the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).
ii. Data collection from the National Union Of Road Transport workers (NURTW) to
investigate the number of accident that occur within ilorin-omu aran road.
iii. Other agencies like Nigeria Police force (NPF), personal observation and interview
the drivers and commuters.