This project seeks to bring together existing state of knowledge and existing state of practice in agriculture sector new techniques have to be proven before they are adopted in the general practice.

Chapter one of this project will deal with the statement of problems rationale of study significance of study and definition of terms.

Chapter two will examine in details the related literature to the project.

Chapter three will deal with statement of hypotheses methodology of study and sources of data.

Chapter four will deal with presentation of data and analysis of data and also the discussion of results.   

Chapter five will deal with summary conclusion and suggestion

Finally I hope that this project will be of benefit to agriculture sector the student of training and finance and other researchers in related topics.


Title page i

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Dedication iii 

Abstract iv


Table of content vi


Chapter one 

Introduction 1

  1. Statement of problem 1
  2. Rationale  of study 2
  3. Significance of study 2
  4. Definition of terms 3


Chapter two


  1. An overview of the agriculture in Nigeria 4
  2. The role of the agricultural section in the Nigeria economy 6
  3. Problem of agriculture finance 7
  4. Specialized financial institution in agricultural 9
  5. Prospect of institution financing agriculture 12


Chapter three

Statement of Hypotheses Methodology of Study Source of Data 17

3.1 Statement of hypotheses 17

3.2 Methodology of study 17

3.3 Source of data 19


Chapter four 

Data Presentation and Analysis of Data 23

4.1 Presentation of data 23

4.2 Analysis of data 26


Chapter five

Summary Conclusion and Suggestion 34

5.1 Summary 34

5.2 Conclusion 35

5.3 Suggestion 35

Bibliography 39





The problem of low productivity and lack of improvement in agriculture has been traced to various causal factors.

One of such course is the lack of adequate finance to the agriculture’s.  They complain that they do not have enough fund to carry on with their activities.  We    want to investigate the reasons why these formers find it difficult to raise enough money to carry out their important work.

I will also investigate the ways of eliminating these problems.  Several measures have been taken by the government to encourage agriculture financing in the country but they houses not yielded the necessary effect for they are established.


The study seeks to examine the various roles of financing agriculture Nigeria.

Specifically. The reasons for the study are:

Managers of agriculture business will be able and also have a wide range of solution to deal with agricultural financing in rural development.

  Agriculture is very important in man’s  every day life particularly in providing food for individual providing revenue for formers and the agriculture sector generate a sizable point of the national income and can also contribute its  quota to the success of the student in our institutions. 


Findings from an authentic study of this nature are expected to contribute immensely to our educational and agricultural policies and prospect in West African.

It would also assist formers and business men who are opportune to read this research work in their business activities.  That is it would bring about increase in exportation of farm product hereby make life conformable in Nigeria.


This research topic has some very key words which call for treatment before anything else. 

Agriculture:  This is a sector of economic achinilyes   which provide human with some of their needs.  Or the science and practice of captivating the land and keeping animal for man’s use.

AUTHENTIC: Genuine know to be true

FINANCING: The management of money

PROSPECT:  Way of soling problem

EXPORT: Selling goods to another country 





The three basic needs of the early man had  been identified as food shelter and dialing.  Amongst these foods is considered the most important hence the need to improve agriculture to enhance food production (ozetu C.N. 1984)

It is necessary of   this point to attempt a definition   of the term agriculture”

There is differing view of what can be included in the agricultural sector of a national economy.  All of their however see agriculture as a chnique    and different from other sectors. 

(Ames G. C.W 1973) divergent view on agricultural stem essentially from different degree of in concisely physical condition of agricultural production such as evil climate and topography which very considerably from place to place.  Historical condition and present practices determine for example whether forestry or fisheries are to be considered as part of agriculture.

These are those who think that agriculture includes only production of crops and size stock those who believe  it should conclude only what take place on the from and those who view agriculture more broadly.  Agriculture must not be though of only as growing crops and give stock.

It includes also the machines of the former selling of his products and selling of land and renting of land and finally the use of credit.  In agriculture and the provision of it. Is this provision of credit which is regarded as the most important factor on agricultural development that forms the basis of this research work?  It is common knowledge that Nigeria of pre-independence era was predominantly an agricultural country. Some of the agricultural products for which the country was windy noted were cocoa, groundnut.  Rubber palm product and cotton.  Theses crop were the main sources of revenue and foreign exchange. As soon as the nation attained independence most of the formers in rural area embark on massive population movement to the urban areas in search of wages an   labour.  This reduced the agricultural labour force and from produced decreased.  This social and economic change was aggravated by the advert of oil as a major source of revenue.   Consequently Nigeria     becomes a dependent nation in food and raw material.

It is against this background that both mile and present civilian administration decided to take sold and realistic sleep to translate into action.